How to Take Flowers from Your Garden For Your Scrap Album


Scrapbooks are likewise called memory books and exactly what better way to blossom your memories then flowers themselves. Whether it is a flower from your prom dress, or the one from your wedding or just a dried up leaf from your garden tree, or the house you just left, or the garden you just visited, or from some remarkable outdoor trip, there are specific methods to store these special memories in your scrapbook.


The first step is to take the flower that needs to be pasted. Place the flower on a paper. The paper ought to be absorbent so that it easily soaks up all the liquids of the flower (the nectar mostly) and it must be acid-free so that the paper must not harm the flower.


Cover the flower with another paper or just fold the paper over. Place the covered flower on an even surface area so that it does not break or wither and then put some weight on it.


Leave the flower, with the weight, for at least a week so that all its liquids are soaked by the paper and the leaf becomes entirely dry. When the flower is completely dry, it is ready for use.


Then take the dried flowers and place them on the scrapbook as preferred. Graceful and vivid looking flowers are best fit for pasting in scrapbooks. Line up single flowers in their desired location and put glue along the stem so that it adheres to its location and then carefully press the flower onto the glue for appropriate sticking.Visit this site for more info .

Which is option is best for you?

To stick little bunches of flowers; glue them together on a bright-colored ribbon or tie them together by embroidery floss. And then glue the ribbon or the thread to the place where required.


After sticking the flowers into place, put sheets of transparency plastic on top of the flowers and glue the sheets to the scrapbook pages. The sheets will guarantee that the flowers stay in the preferred position.

Sticking flowers to the scrapbook pages include a quiet and classy look to scrapbooks. They may be used as memoirs, journals, gifts, and even as menus (think me, it touches you).